Sunday, March 30, 2014

Now For The Last…

border. This will be another time consuming border, when I have to applique all my hexies down.
I have just finished piecing borders 13 & 14. I think the pressing of all the seams was the hardest part, and I started doing it so carefully I thought it would take me two days to do it, so I thought …,what the hell… just go for it, which I don’t usually do.

2014-03-30 15.12.31
Hopefully I’ll be able to handquilt it around all those seams!

2014-03-30 15.13.19 2014-03-30 16.27.50 

Thanks for keeping up with my progress. I still have about 10 large hexagons and about 20 small one to make, so better get with it!
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Plugging away…

With Mrs Billings. I’m on my time target – I hope. Now onto Borders 13 and 14.  Lots and lots of cutting and sewing!
A photo to show my progress so far. Its very hard to take a photo of the whole quilt as its getting too large.
This is up to border 12
 2014-03-20 17.34.28
I laid it outside ( hopefully no ants have sneaked into a seam) as I would have to shift the furniture to get a photo.
 2014-03-20 17.40.44

This photo is 2 rounds of borders 13 & 14. Two more to go!
Thankfully I am walking with my neighbour for an hour every morning, which makes up for me sitting at the machine for about 6 hours a day at the moment! I am on a mission to get the quilt pieced by Easter, so I can get my quilting friend Judy to baste it, so I can start hand quilting. 
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Cyclone Lusi is on her way….

A photo in our morning newspaper


Remember the saying Red Sky in the morning – a shepherds warning!

I will be hunkered down sewing my Mrs Billings. Had a bit of a stop work on my quilt, due to having my sister stay for a couple of weeks. We were out shopping and site seeing nearly every day. Great time!

A photo of where I am up to with Mrs. B.


2014-03-14 15.36.01

I have sewn one corner, but have 3 more to do, so thats the plan for the weekend!

The trouble with leaving the sewing for 2 weeks, I thought I had done more than I had! Bah!

I also managed to finish off the Baby Quilt I was making for my sister’s Great Grand-daughter Skylah, so she could take it home with her for the baby. This will be great for the wee one to lay on the floor on, but will also fit on her first bed.


2014-03-10 09.54.57

2014-03-10 09.56.38

Thanks for dropping by as I have been so slow with my blogging this year!

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

happy days…

stitching with my grand-daughter.  I am happy to say that  after having 5 grand-daughters I was despairing that none of them had the sewing gene, but hoorah one of them has. :-)

Jenna aged 9 stayed with me the other day  when I had the builder here, and my MIL ( who needs care) . All Jenna kept saying was…Grandma when are we going to sew on the machine. So, after choosing some fabric we decided to make a cushion.

Didn’t manage a photo of her sewing the cushion – phone was flat, but I took one of her later sewing a sleeping bag VBG! for her toy puppy. 2014-01-23 16.04.04  2014-01-23 16.04.56

Anyway back to the cushion – she chose the fabrics and sewed the straight seams. We then added a J stuck down with vlisofix. I buttonholed around it, then did some meandering. She then sewed the backing and front together.2014-01-23 16.10.052014-01-23 16.10.28 It was a fun project, to make ch together.  The cushion was a bit fat for the cover, but after she leans on it a few times, I’m sure it’ll be OK.  Before that we did some baking and made Peanut butter biscuits. 

For morning tea she managed to convince Grandpa to make his speciality – Omletti ( Italian word) which is the same as Crepes Suzette. Paper thin and delicious. I won’t learn how to make them, as its the only cooking he does. He is slowly teaching which ever grandchild wants to learn how to make them.2014-01-23 09.59.09

2014-01-23 10.12.14 2014-01-23 10.12.28

All quiet today on the home front – still have MIL here but we have been watching the Australia Open Tennis. So good to watch. Now to stitch down some of my Mrs Billings hexies.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cutting, Marking, Stitching

my way through approx. 112 of these beauties plus any others I decide not to use

2014-01-15 09.34.05
28 done – 84 to go
On a roll now, and this is a great way for me to keep a record of when I did this quilt.
Thanks for dropping by and keeping me boosted along. :-)
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Which border??

Trying to work out the best colour for the 2nd border.
The Blue
2014-01-12 15.57.31
or the red.
I want to keep the brown borders and the red at the top of the photo as this is going to be for my hexagon border, and I bought the fabric especially for it. Everything else is out of my stash ( bought with this quilt in mind) as I go.
Thanks for your help

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy New Year!

I have been so slack with my blog – I see its almost 2 months since I wrote anything. A lot has been going on including a trip to family in Western Australia for Christmas, then when we got back home, we had the painters, builder and Tiler in doing some refreshing of our home inside. Its so good to get these jobs done as we built the house 25 years ago, and some things were left as we ran out of money. You then get used to it, until one day you decide that's it - time to sort it out!
2014-01-02 11.38.54The hardest part was getting my sewing room painted. Its happening in a weeks time, so I have to dismantle it – unbelievable job!! It’s a very small room and I’ve ended up sewing in the lounge and using my sewing room as a bit of a storage area ( only for my patchwork, knitting wool and the odd bit of ironing. So much so that I can’t really find anything thats not in a storage bin!  Here are some before photos  - I must say I’m  ashamed! Haha!2014-01-02 11.38.34 2014-01-02 11.38.47
The main reason for this post was to show the progress I am making with my Mrs. Billings quilt. I am determined to finish it this year, and am hoping to get the top pieced ready for hand quilting by Easter! Fingers crossed!

2013-11-21 17.46.06
2013-10-11 21.12.06 2013-10-12 14.48.56

2014-01-03 12.15.59 

Now I’m not sure about the blue border. It may be too bright - in keeping with the French Generals I am mainly (but not only) using I have been auditioning the next two borders and I think its going to be too multicoloured which I really dont want.
My centre hexagon is not stitched down as yet, and I think I’ll be changing that also.
Got to be careful I don’t over analyse it. :-)
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My…how they grow!

This is a photo of my Grandchildren in Australia, all dressed up for a  Graduation Ball. Only two of them are going, the older two (who had theirs last year) just making up for a lovely family photo.

Brisbane Kids 2013 1456077_387936791340223_1890266427_n
Matt, Alex, Malitta and Troy. You are all beautiful kids!

On the quilting front, I have just finished a couple Christmas gifts for friends. I can’t get over the fact that I’m a little ahead of the game at this early stage. I think it must be ├žause I’m not on any committees at the moment. :-)

20131119_141505 This is a rather large square bottom bag, which is perfect for putting your knitting in beside the armchair!

A table runner made from a tutorial by Tara of Tazzie Quilts. Thanks Tara it was so easy to make.

I also made a skirt for my 9 year old grand-daughter Jenna. The photo isn’t the best but I’ll show another one when I get it.

I made her one last year, and her Mum tells me its the only skirt she will wear! Makes me very happy ├žause you never know with kids, whether they’ll like something or not. If not  it stays in the wardrobe!
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

So exciting!

I  had a phone call on Thursday evening to tell me I had won 1st place in the Large Bed category at the Auckland Festival of Quilts Show.

What a fabulous surprise it was, as the standard of quilt making in the Auckland Quilt Guild is very high. My quilt was beautifully machine quilted by a good friend Judi who has a long arm machine.

Along with the usual categories in a show the AQG has  a category of one or more makers  which doesn’t receive a Blue ribbon, but an aqua coloured ribbon. That ribbon doesn’t count in the achievements of Blue Ribbons.

I haven’t had a quilt win a ribbon since 2006 so I was over the moon as you can tell!!







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